Kat + Kim: Rainy Seattle Outfits

Identical twins Kathleen and Kim stand on a stret sidewalk wearing Cougar Kensington Chelsea Rain Boots

Identical twins Kathleen and Kim need rain boots that don't look like rain boots for dreary Seattle weather.

We sent them a pair of our Kensington Chelsea Rain Boots. Here’s how they wore them.

What’s your earliest memory of caring about how you dressed?

As identical twins we’ve always cared about how we dress. From birth what we wore was important – it was how our mother could tell which baby got fed and which didn’t! Then as toddlers dressing in matching outfits was so adorable… for our mom.

As we got older we were so aware of how we dressed because we wanted to be seen as individuals – no more matchy matchy!

Identical twins Kathleen and Kim sitting side by side in chairs outside wearing Cougar Kensington Chelsea Rain Boots

Living in Seattle, it could be pouring down rain one minute and sunny the next. That’s why we need rain boots that don’t look like rain boots. The Kensington boot has a classic Chelsea boot vibe that definitely doesn’t fit the idea of a traditional rain boot. Meaning they don’t look completely out of place wearing them to dinner or other non rainy environments.”
— Kat + Kim

Identical twins Kathleen and Kim legs walking side by side on street wearing Cougar Kensington Chelsea Rain Boots

What’s the most important style item to invest in?

A quality pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Jeans are an essential to everyone's wardrobe and you wear them basically every season, year after year. Quality denim can be pretty costly, but if you think about how often you wear them, it’s definitely worth the investment.

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Can you describe your own taste in interiors and design?

We both have been lucky enough to purchase houses in the past few years. Since then we’ve gotten soooo into interior design. If we had to put a name to it, I guess we’d say that our interior style is “modern eclectic.” We love soft neutral color pallets, mixing new with vintage, and house plants… lots and lots of house plants!

Identical twins Kathleen and Kim on city street walking in opposite directions wearing Cougar Kensington Chelsea Rain Boots

What item in your wardrobe do you wear the most?

We both have oversized vintage blazers that get heavy use, especially in the fall. There are just so many different ways to wear them – layered over a turtleneck, buttoned up as a dress, belted or unbelted, thrown over the shoulders, you get the idea!

Identical twins Kathleen and Kim sitting on city street curb wearing Cougar Kensington Chelsea Rain Boots

We are obsessed with animal print everything right now. This leopard print could brighten up a gloomy rainy day outfit.
— Kat + Kim

Tell us something about yourself that people are usually surprised to hear.

When people ask us where we’re from, they’re usually surprised at our answer. We don’t consider ourselves to be from anywhere specifically. Our dad was in the Marines growing up, so we moved around about every 3 years. We’ve lived in like 6 different states!

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Kat and Kim are wearing the Kensington Chelsea Boot. and the Kensington Print Chelsea Boot.

Photos courtesy of Kat + Kim.