Winter Sneakers: the comfiest snow boots you'll ever own

Influencer standing in front of teal door outside wearing bright red shirt, blue jeans and Cougar Daniel Winter Sneaker in Draft

Stay comfy and warm all year in our stylish women's winter sneaker boots.

Have you ever wrecked a nice pair of sneakers by wearing them in an unexpected shower?

Or frozen your feet off because winter boots were just too bulky or heavy to wear all day?

It's happened to our Canadian design team many times, so they decided to do something about it.

Winter sneakers

Most sneakers can't handle rain or snow, but these can.

Temperature rated

The materials used in the lining of each shoe is cold-temperature rated down to -24°C/-11°F.

That means you can wear these sneakers in the snow without getting cold feet!

Duffy Suede Winter Sneaker

Waterproof leather

These styles are fully waterproof and backed by our 6-month warranty.

To make all of these sneakers waterproof, we treat the leather early in the tanning stage to close all the pores and stop water from getting through.

Because of this treatment process, the leather also resists stains and discolouration.

Grippy rubber soles

Our winter sneakers are made with solid rubber outsoles.

Rubber is more durable than the more commonly used EVA plastic, and we mold the soles with a hiking boot style pattern for better traction and grip.


Trust a Canadian company to engineer a sneaker that will withstand temps as frigid as -24°C degrees. Waterproof and outfitted with an anti-slip sole, this is the shoe that will get you through the winter if you flat out refuse to lace up a boot.” — CBC Life

Influencer walking on street wearing brown sweater, blue jeans, camel clutch and Cougar Daniel Winter Sneaker in Draft

Must-have winter sneakers

“We’ve gotten a good bit of snow here in GVL, SC this month so these shoes came in at the perfect time. I wear these to work (I have a standing desk) and I stand for 8 hours EASY. You guys know I never lead you astray when it comes to comfort.

They’re [also] versatile. These lil’ guys can be styled up or down so easily. They look awesome with a dressy, chunky sweater and skinny jeans or with leggings and a sweatshirt.”

Influencer sitting on rock outside wearing jean jacket, blue jeans, and Cougar Daniel Winter Sneaker in Draft

Super cute and warm

“I could not end this post without making a special mention of these shearling hi-top booties which I totally adore! They’re super cute, warm and convenient slip-ons, making them a stylish, functional and fashionable item you should consider getting this winter.”

Influencer standing in front of teal door outside wearing bright red shirt, blue jeans and Cougar Daniel Winter Sneaker in Draft

So freaking comfortable

“These Cougar boots are so freaking comfortable! It’s nice not to wear huge boots for once, and instead have these compact furry ones that keep my toes super warm.

I wore them to the Toronto Christmas Market and my feet stayed warm all night! They are my new favorites.”

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Get the comfort of a sneaker with the protection of a winter boot.

We like to think of them them as all-season staples.