Yoga Superstar Riva G

Yoga Superstar Riva G

Yoga Superstar Riva G


Her Insta bio reads, “making wellness creative and fun,” and the inspirational Riva G does just that – really, you’ll be googling “Cat and Cow” and resting in Savasana position after reading this. 

The transformative power of yoga is just one of Riva Gdanski’s many talents. The NY-resident, multi-hyphenate powerhouse is also a mom of three, a Pilates instructor, creative director, writer and content creator. Oh – and she’s a big Cougar fan. Guest editor Christy Wright chats with her about her passion for yoga, her fabulous new wellness app and her Cougar picks for spring…

Opening photo by John F Cooper.



You walked into your first yoga class over 18 years ago – how did that change the course of your life?

It was so pivotal. Not only did it spark a love for yoga and seed a mind/body-connection within me, it blossomed into a deep passion that ultimately gave me the courage to leave my corporate job and follow my heart. I became a certified yoga, Pilates and mobility teacher and branched out into creative fields.

I discovered how much I really enjoyed the creative process of incorporating beautiful yoga postures into unique locations to create artistic images. Instagram has given me the opportunity to work with brands and create this type of content all over the world.

Riva G


Cougar also has fans all over the world so we’d love to know what you love most about Cougar footwear.

I love the perfect blend of functionality, fashion and comfort!


Riva G


A stylish health and wellness expert.

Riva has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Daily Burn and Yoga Journal, and has regularly contributed to Yoga Magazine, Huffington Post and numerous other publications. Follow Riva @riva_g_


So, how will you wear your Sayahs?

They’re so versatile, I can see myself wearing these with jeans, yoga leggings or a long, flowy dress.

Riva G



From favorite outfits to favourite yoga positions – what’s yours?

I’ve certainly gone through phases where I favor more challenging postures (like backbends or inversions), but I think it’s safe to say that Savasana (Final Resting Posture) will forever hold a special place in my heart. At the end of the day, Savasana isn’t about how complex or advanced yoga positions can be, but rather it’s about our ability to slow down and tune inward. It helps incorporate what we’ve learned from our time on the yoga mat into our lives off of it.

Riva G
Riva in Savasana pose


Is there one yoga position that everyone – even beginners – can do and love?

Absolutely! I’d recommend everyone incorporate a few rounds of “Cat and Cow” into their daily routine. Just a couple minutes of this movement each day can help release tension in your body. It’s great for improving posture and can be done seated, on hands and knees or standing. It also helps stretch your hips, back, abdomen and chest and increase flexibility in your neck, shoulders and spine.

Riva G
Riva practicing Cat and Cow (in Cow pose)


As a conscious consumer, you liked the artisanal process, hand-burnished leather and vegetable-tanned dyes of Piera LUXMOTION.

Yes, I’m in love with their style and versatility but, ultimately, it’s their comfort that will have me wearing them day after day.

Riva G



And we’re thinking your Iggy rainboot may come in handy when walking Winnie, your rescue dog?

Absolutely! I can already picture our muddy, puddle-filled walks together with these boots.

Winnie practicing poses with Riva




What would you say to someone who thinks it’s beyond their fitness level?

A while back, I came across the following quote by Helen Hayes that has really stuck with me: “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” I think one of the most beautiful things about a yoga is that you can begin wherever you are and as you grow, it transforms with you.  Also, there are so many facets of yoga and most of them are not even physical.


How does yoga make you feel?

Renewed, which is the reason I named my yoga and wellness app “RENEW with Riva.” Yoga is such a powerful way to renew our self-love, self-connection and self-confidence. 

 Photo by Nathan Rose Photography


Speaking of renewed, how does your new Cougar footwear make you feel?

Comfortable, happy and playful!