Always waterproof.

Always means always. Our “Always waterproof” line of boots and shoes are guaranteed to keep your feet dry in wet weather.

Always dry. Always warm. Always waterproof.


Laboratory tested.

We have high manufacturing and quality standards for all our products, and every style is laboratory tested. Every ‘Always Waterproof’ shoe is submerged in water above the sole and flexed thousands of times to make sure no water leaks through.

Quality leather

All our suedes and leathers are treated early in the tanning stage, before the boot is even assembled. This closes all the pores in the leather hides, and adds an extra layer of protection for your feet.

Waterproof Membrane.

Many of our boots also have a thermoplastic polyurethane membrane under the lining, which acts like a waterproof sock that encases your foot. This acts as a barrier against leaks under the seams.


PrimaLoft® insulation

Over the past 40 years PrimaLoft’s commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in the highest-performing, best-in-class synthetic insulation on the market today.

Footwear with PrimaLoft® insulation is specifically designed for the rigors of repeated wear and extreme conditions, providing protection from the cold, wet weather, and even heat.

Originally designed for the US military, PrimaLoft® insulation is a permanently water-resistant material that’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. It keeps you warmer and drier, even when wet, and has a thermal efficiency comparable to goose down.

Many of our styles today and going forward will use PrimaLoft® insulation.

Sealed seams.

To stop water from leaking into your boots, we seal every seam with pressure-sensitive EVA adhesive tape and waterproof adhesives. The stitching around the shoe is made from a non-wicking material to prevent it from absorbing water.

Always waterproof. Guaranteed.