For questions about Cougar Shoes products or policies, please take a quick look at our FAQs – if you can't find an answer to your question, our customer care team will be happy to help.
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How can I contact Cougar Shoes?

Our Customer Care team is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm Eastern Time.

You can email us at or call our toll-free number at 1-888-COUGAR1 (1-888-268-4271).



 Can I cancel an order once it’s been placed?

We process your order as quickly as possible so that you receive it sooner. Because of this, orders cannot be interrupted once they have been placed.

If you forgot to add something to your order before it was placed, please place a separate order for the additional item. It will ship to you in separate packaging, and will have its own unique order number and tracking link. If you'd like to cancel your order, you'll need to wait until it is received and then return it for a refund or online store credit.


Can you return products purchased on our website?

You can return new, unworn product within 30 days of the purchase date for a refund of the purchase price (minus the original shipping charges and the re-stocking fee). 


Are there any fees charged for returning new, unworn products purchased on our website?

A re-stocking fee of $9.00 will be charged for each return.


What is Cougar Shoes' warranty?

All Cougar Shoes products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of six months from date of purchase.

Our ‘Always Waterproof’ products are guaranteed to resist leaks under normal wear for a period of six months from date of purchase. 'Always Waterproof' products are clearly marked on the tags or the sole of the shoe.

Click here to read the full terms of our Warranty.


What do I do if I think I have a defective product?

If you believe your Cougar Shoes product is defective, the fastest way to resolve the issue is to return it to the store you bought it from. If you are unable to return your item to its original retailer, contact our Customer Care Team.

Purchases made from another website or in a retail store must be returned to the same store you bought them from.

Purchases made from our website can be returned using our Warranty Claim form.

Visit our Returns page for more information.


What do I do if my Always Waterproof boots leak?

Our ‘Always Waterproof’ products are under warranty for six months from date of purchase. If leakage occurs during this time, please return your boots with proof of purchase to the store where you purchased them for replacement.

Visit our Returns and Warranty page for more information.


Can I return items under warranty that were purchased more than six months ago?

If the boots are past our six month guarantee period, please complete our Warranty Claim form. Once the form is submitted, our Customer Care Team will contact you within 10 business days. We will do our best to make you happy.


Do I need to treat my boots before wearing them?

All our ‘Always Waterproof’ boots and shoes are pre-treated from the manufacturer and are developed using easy care materials. You do not need to add waterproofing sprays or oils to our 'Always Waterproof' leather and suede boots.

For specific care instructions, visit our Shoe Care page.


How do you determine your temperature ratings?

Cougar Shoes products use different levels of insulation which are laboratory tested to determine their resistance to heat loss and their ability to keep your feet warm. The temperature rating of our boots and shoes is based on your degree of activity and the rate of blood circulation in your feet. Because of these considerations, our temperature ratings are to be used as a guideline and are not covered under our warranty.

For example, on a boot rated -30°C/-22°F:

  • High Activity (Constant motion): -30°C/-22°F
  • Medium Activity (Frequent movement, frequent stops): -24°C/-11°F
  • Low Activity (Sitting or standing): -10°C/14°F

For more information on temperature ratings, visit our Shoe Care page.


Do you repair or resole shoes or boots?

We do not offer repair services at this time. If your shoes are worn and need to be repaired, we suggest taking them to a reputable shoe repair shop in your area.


Can I order replacement laces through Cougar?

We do not sell replacement laces at this time. We recommend checking your local shoe repair shop or the nearest large department store.


Can I order replacement insoles through Cougar?

While we do not sell replacement insoles at this time, we recommend checking with your local shoe repair shop or large department store.


Can I use orthotics in my Cougar shoes?

Yes, on shoes and boots with removable insoles you can replace them with an orthotic insole of your choice.

Removable insoles are listed as a feature in our product descriptions.


Do you sell internationally? is pleased to ship worldwide through our partner,  Simply add any items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart and choose the "International Checkout" option. The global checkout page will allow you to see the cost of shipping and duties and taxes upfront. You may prepay duties and taxes when you check out or pay upon delivery. If you prepay, there will be no additional funds collected upon delivery. GlobalShopex handles the international checkout and shipping and will process your payment and guarantee delivery.

Once your order is completed, order status questions should be directed to GlobalShopex at or 786-391-4868.

  • STANDARD SHIPPING    arrives at your address in between 10 to 15 business days.
  • PRIORITY SHIPPING       arrives at your address in between 5 to 10 business days.

GlobalShopex Contact Numbers:  Toll-Free: +1 (855) 848 8804 or 786 391 4868.

Note: At the present time, we do not ship to the following countries:  Russia, Israel, Canada and the United States. 

If you are in Canada and wish to purchase from Cougar Shoes online, please visit

If you are in the United States and wish to purchase from Cougar Shoes online, please do not select “International Checkout” from your Cart page.